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The C-3PO costume

Jedi-Con 2001 in Cologne

Jeremy Bullock,
Boba Fett
Michael Sheard,
Admiral Ozzel
Don Bies,
Jerome Blake,
Rune Haako
Warwick Davis,
Steve Sansweet,
Rancho Obi-Wan
Peter Mayhew,

The impossible costume?

After R2-D2, I had set my mind on making a C-3PO costume for Jedi-Con 2001. The problem was the same as before: how to do it with simple means? I had the idea to build the costume in the style of Episode I, when the droid has no outer shell. What may seem quite impossible at first glance made it much easier in the end.

A head from paper-mache

Again, the basic shape of the head was made from a balloon glued with newspaper. First planned only as a half mask, I later added an additional quarter. To form the eyes, two tea lights were used.

All structures were formed and attached from cardboard and paper-mache. Of all visible parts, only a small round plate at the very top of the head is made of real metal.

Since C-3PO is actually rather "transparent" in this form, all other areas were painted black. The head was covered with old computer cables. If you look more closely at the original model, you can also see that very earthly wiring harnesses were used on it, too.

Black clothes and lots of color

The finished painted hoodie

Time to finish was once again very short. I got a black hooded jacket and black pants and a not insignificant number of fabric paints.

First, the silver and gold metal frame was painted on. Then I added thinner lines to represent the cables. Painting took some time, but was much easier to implement than real superstructure.

Two velcro strips were added to the belly so that a gold cardboard belly plate could be attached. It has the purpose of concealing the zipper and the transition between the jacket and the pants.

Hands and feet

The parts for the gloves were cut out of silver and gold colored clay cardboard and glued on. For the cables, I simply colored cord and glued it on as well.

On a discarded pair of shoes, I just applied the necessary patterns with hot glue. Then the shoes were sprayed in silver and gold. Individual areas were then blackened over again. The colored cord was also used here to simulate cables.

The shoes don't last very long and need to be replaced occasionally. I have made the third pair since, as the material becomes brittle and sticky over time.

With Boba Fett in the elevator

One of the days I met Jeremy Bullock in the elevator after breakfast. He was very nice and we talked about how bad it was to see under the masks. Since I couldn't wear my glasses, my vision was even more limited. Unfortunately, Anthony Daniels did not attend the convention this time. But when I showed up for the photo shoot - in costume, as usual - the star guests greeted me with laughter: "Hi Tony!"
I collected their autographs on my belly plate during the convention.